Sunday, February 7, 2021

Confused in Vero Beach

 While the article is dated Nov. 4, 2019 the content is a recurring theme amongst those that want to blame boaters for municipal waste treatment issues and spills.

"Environmental group wants to stop boats dumping waste in Vero Beach, Indian River Lagoon" - TCTimes

Again, it is already illegal for boats/ships/vessels to discharge raw, untreated waste in the waters around Vero Beach, FL.  What good will it do to outlaw the use of currently legal waste treatment systems?  I suggest The Clean Water Coalition of Indian River County  may want to spend their time and resources on working with the city of Vero Beach to contain land-based sewage spills:

Think about it:  Treat it on a boat or put it into a failing municipal system via pump-out?  What's next; we treat waste on boats and then hand it over at a pump out so it is nice and sterile going into a failing municipal system?