Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Call to Action - Contact House Environmental Matters Committee TODAY!

We have word that work is still needed to kill this bill in the House Environmental Matters Committee.  Please take a few moments to call (not e-mail) the committee members to request that they oppose this bill (HB1257 - No Discharge for MD Waters).  Feel free to have a few of the articles linked at the top of this blog open so you have plenty of talking points.

House Environmental Matters Committee

The Honorable Maggie McIntosh
Chair, House Environmental Matters Committee
Phone: 410-841-3990

The Honorable James E. Malone, Jr.
Vice-Chair, House Environmental Matters Committee
Phone: 410-841-3378

The Honorable S. Saqib Ali
Phone: 410-841-3021

The Honorable Pamela G. Beidle
Phone: 410-841-3370

The Honorable Elizabeth Bobo
Phone: 410-841-3205

The Honorable Rudolph C. Cane
Phone: 410-841-3427

The Honorable Alfred Clinton Carr, Jr.
Phone: 410-841-3110

The Honorable Virginia P. Clagett
Phone: 410-841-3211

The Honorable Barbara A. Frush
Phone: 410-841-3114

The Honorable Cheryl D. Glenn
Phone: 410-841-3257

The Honorable Anne Healey
Phone: 410-841-3961

The Honorable Marvin E. Holmes, Jr.
Phone: 410-841-3310

The Honorable Thomas Hucker
Phone: 410-841-3474

The Honorable Stephen W. Lafferty
Phone: 410-841-3487

The Honorable Doyle L. Niemann
Phone: 410-841-3326

The Honorable H. Wayne Norman, Jr.
Phone: 410-841-3284

The Honorable Anthony J. O’Donnell
Phone: 410-841-3314

The Honorable Andrew A. Serafini
Phone: 410-841-3447

The Honorable Tanya Thornton Shewell
Phone: 410-841-3070

The Honorable Richard A. Sossi
Phone: 410-841-3543

The Honorable Dana M. Stein
Phone: 410-841-3527

The Honorable Paul S. Stull
Phone: 410-841-3288

The Honorable Michael H. Weir, Jr.
Phone: 410-841-3328

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