Monday, April 5, 2010

CALL TO ACTION - SB513 scheduled for a vote this week!

The Senate Bill still survives.  If you're against this bill (SB513), then please take a few moments to call the Senators on the committee who will be voting on it this week.  Here's a list (it's much shorter than the House).  If you don't have time for all, please at least contact the first two.  PLEASE BE NICE!  Senator Conway has been known to swing her vote against mobs of callers who aren't nice.

*Joan Carter-Conway - 3145# -

Roy P. Dyson - 3673# -

Richard F. Colburn - 3590# -
*David C. Harrington - 3745# -
Andrew P. Harris - 3706# -
*Mike Lenett - 3151# -
*Paul G Pinsky 3155# -
Edward R. Reilly - 3568# -
James C. Rosapepe - 3141# -

(To contact by telephone, enter the extensions above after 1-800-492-7122, followed by the # sign)

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