Monday, April 19, 2010

We won! (for now)

It took me a little extra time to get all the facts straight, but the proposed 2010 NDZ legislation for Maryland is officially dead.  The confusion was from the Senate, where the committee passed the bill with amendments.  It was quite decent what they had done (read it here - PDF format).  They changed the bill into a "study" bill, with DNR taking the lead and having a due date of 12/1/11.  That would have ensured no other NDZ legislation until at least the 2012 legislative session.  However, that bill died in the House, and thus, nothing on this topic passed.  What does this mean?  For right now, it's over.  But I would venture to guess that if Doug Gansler is re-elected as AG come November, he'll bring it up again for the 2011 session.  And if he does, I'll be there to fight it.

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