Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Update: SB 513 was voted on in Education Health and Environmental Affairs, this afternoon.

"SB 513 was amended and turned into a “study bill.” The bill now says that the Department of Natural Resources shall study and make recommendations for initiating a no-discharge zone in all Maryland waters. The final report will be due to the Governor and General Assembly on or before December 1, 2011. Maryland waters will most likely not be deemed a no-discharge zone until the study is completed.

SB 513 will most likely be on the floor of the Senate tomorrow for approval by the entire Senate body. As we are only four working days from the end of the legislative session, I am unsure if the amended version of this bill will have time to get through the Senate and the House as is required for a bill to become a law."
I'm going to hope the lack of days remaining helps defeat this still horrible legislation.  Considering that DNR reports to the AG's office, I'm not real confident this will be a fair and scientific study.

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