Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I met with Erin Fitzsimmons at the AG's office this morning.  While the meeting was very polite, the outcome was as expected.  The bill has already been introduced in the Senate (SB513), and will be introduced in the House this coming Friday, 2/5/10.  I will try and get the names of the Senate members on the Education Health and Environmental Affairs committe and post them here.

One interesting point from the meeting.  Even thought I don't agree that Type I or Type II approved marine sanitation device output is any problem whatsoever, I asked Ms. Fitzsimmons what percentage of the overall problem she thought boaters as a whole were.  Her answer:  "less than 1 percent".

Wow, thousands of us are either going to have to spend thousands of dollars to modify our boats, or we become instant criminals.  Lovely.

Here's the bill for your reading pleasure.

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