Thursday, February 18, 2010

Update 2/18/10

The Maryland Senate Hearing on SB513 will be held  on 3/16/10 at 1pm.

The bill has also made it to the House as HB1257.

Please contact the House Environmental Matters Committee by phone as well as e-mail.  Use this tool for e-mail:
(follow instructions at top)

Committee Members:
Chair: Maggie McIntosh

*Vice Chair: James E. Malone, Jr.
Saqib Ali
*Tom Hucker
*Pamela G. Beidle
*Stephen W. Lafferty
Elizabeth Bobo
*Doyle L. Niemann
Rudolph C. Cane
H. Wayne Norman
*Alfred C. Carr, Jr.
Anthony J. O'Donnell
Virginia P. Clagett
Andrew A. Serafini
*Barbara A. Frush
Tanya T. Shewell
*Cheryl D. Glenn
Richard A. Sossi
*Anne Healey
*Dana M. Stein
*Marvin E. Holmes, Jr.
Paul S. Stull
Michael H. Weir, Jr.


On a related note, there is a bill in the House concerning delaying, weakening storm-water pollution controls. It will be interesting to see which bill gets more support.,0,3385183.story

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